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Frequent Asked Questions

Ordering Process

1. How do I place my order?
All orders can only be made through our website and proceed as a ‘guest’ if you do not have an account (Refer this link).

Simply follow steps as below:

Step 1: Select product, input in your order specifications with upload your own design files, click the button “ADD TO CART”.

Step 2: You should be able to see a summary of the items added to your cart. Please choose your preferred Delivery Preferences. Continues click button “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” you will then be directed to the checkout page.

Step 3: You will then be asked to input your billing and addresses, select your choice of payment method. Please check and verify that all fields are entered correctly before click the button “PLACE ORDER”. After submit your order, you have successful checkout and you are advised to take note of your order ID number.

Please Note : It is your responsibility to ensure that your Order is correct before submitting it to us. By clicking on the “Place Order” button you consent to the Terms & Conditions.

2.How do I confirm my order?
Upon successful submission of your order, you will receive a confirmation email from us, consisting of your order number, order summary and if necessary, payment instructions.

Reminder: Please kindly make payment within 24 Hours, otherwise your orders will be cancelled without any notification. Always ensure funds is sufficient to proceed to avoid orders being automatically hold-back.

3. How can I keep track of my orders?
To view your order, you need to go our website, select on the top of “My Account” and in the “My Order” you can check your order status.
4. How long does it take to process my order?
Each product has a different delivery duration. Process day will depend on which product and quantity you are ordered. From minimum 4-6 working days to maximum 7-15 working days or above (exclude Sat, Sun & Public Holidays) and after confirmation of artwork. Any add-on optional finishing process (Example: round corner, creasing line, folding, coating, cut into various, die-cut & etc) subject to additional of processing days.
5. Can I cancel or change my order?
If you have detected an error only after submitting your order to us, ONLY IF your order is not yet in the printing process. Kindly contact Customer Service immediately, so that we can put your job on hold until you make the necessary amendments. In such a case, please note that there will be a delay in the completion and delivery of your goods.
We will not be held responsible for any matter resulting from a customer’s failure to contact us promptly or to convey the necessary instructions regarding his/her orders.
6. Can i request for a different finishing or printing process for my orders?
No. You have to keep to our printing specifications for our standard products. This is to ensure the quality consistency of our products and to keep your cost down.
For special print requests, you have to request it for a special quotation.
7. Do your company accept rush orders?
Please contact us before you place orders and our company have right to decide follow our jobs schedule whether to accept or refuse your orders. Request via order remark will not be entertained.
8. How do I repeat order?
You have to re-order as a new order.
9. What can I do if I am dissatisfied with my order?
If you are not satisfied with any product, please send email to us within 7 days of receiving your order. Please include picture of photo to specify your reason for dissatisfaction.

Our Customer Service department will review your request and work with you to meet your expectations.

Please Note: We will only reprint any product that fails to meet the conditions under the general expectation on printing outcome. However, we are not responsible for typing, image, colours or design errors introduced by customers in the artwork/document creation process. In an effort to keep costs down and pass those savings along to our customers, our company does not review artwork/documents for content or spelling.

Artwork Design File

1. Do you provide artwork design services?
Yes, we have in-house designer.
2. Does your company provide proof & checking for my artwork design ?
Sorry, you have responsibility to check thoroughly the final artwork before submitting to us or place order.

Reminder: Our company cannot be held liable for any consequences in the event an artwork design error goes undetected.
**Please make sure you have check your artwork design file thoroughly before submitting to us.

3. How do prepare artwork design file in format will be accepted?
We accept the artwork in recommendation:
• Adobe Acrobat Document (PDF)
• Adobe Illustrator (AI) – CS5
• Adobe Photoshop (PSD) – CS5


Here are some important checklist should follow:
a) In CMYK colour mode <250%. (do not contains any RGB / Pantone / Spot colours)
b) All image’s resolution minimum 300 dpi (except for inkjet minimum 72 dpi)
c) Download our template to ensure your artwork done with bleeding will print correctly (except for inkjet is in actual size)
d) All text must created outline (not recommend to use less than 4pt for text and less than 0.3pt for line /stroke)
e) All link files must embed
f) Transparency / Complex effects are flatten
g) Colour tints (toning) must more than 10%

Reminder: Our company cannot be held liable for any consequences in the event an artwork design error goes undetected.
**Please make sure you have check your artwork design file thoroughly before submitting to us.

4. How do i send my artwork file?

1) You can upload your file to us when placing order. Please zip your files if you have more than 1 file.

2) Directly email to: . Please mention your order ID No.

3) Large file can use Thirty-party URL: . Please mention your order ID No.

5. How many colours can I print my order?
All order are print in CMYK Colour Process. (Unless stated is Spot Colour 1C/2C/3C otherwise) are based on full color printing (combination of cmyk).
6. Will the color of my printed product match 100% to the original color of my artwork design?
No. It is a known fact within the printing industry that 100% process color accuracy is not presently possible with the current print technology. Therefore, even if a printing company were to employ highly experienced personnel including the latest press technology, the outcome of color of the printed product will always differ from the original artwork. The level of difference however is subject from printing company to printing company.
7. Can I print anything I want?
Yes you can, as long as what you are printing does not conflict with the Malaysian printing and publication law. This includes information that are politically, religiously or racially, sensitive. WCF Printing Services (M) S/B will not be responsible for any infringement of artwork content.

Please Note: We are not responsible for client’s copyright infringement of artwork content. We also have right to refuse your order if your artwork content have conflicted with the Malaysian printing and publication law.


1. How will you deliver my goods?
All goods are delivered by our appointed courier company.
2. Which areas does your delivery service cover?
No doubt only listed postal code area are entitle to delivery service within Peninsular Malaysia, but for those listed under “Outskirt Delivery Area” are subject to the discretion of the Courier Service company, even though they delivery to most of the places. Please check courier company’s website for delivery areas but not accepted P.O. Box.
3. Can customer personally collect own goods from our premises?
Yes, you are most welcome to do so. Just select “Self Collect” when you place order and you can collect your order after the production has been completed. Please contact us before you come to collect.
4. Can directly deliver the goods to others that customer’s address?
We will follow according to the address which is given by customers.
5. How will my goods be delivered?
Delivery lead time will depend on quantity & material selected . You may check them out on our website.
Note : Calculation will only starts on the 2nd day of an order placed provided customers have sufficient fund, otherwise it will be calculated according to the payment date.
6. What shall I do if my goods were to be exceeded the expecting date?
First of all, you need to login to your account to check on the status. If that does not help to solve your query, please contact our customer service for further assistance.
7. Does your company guarantee punctual delivery of my goods?
While we are committed to the timely delivery of goods to all our customers/agents, we cannot guarantee you 100% punctuality due to factors such as unexpected incidents, internal rejects, national emergencies and the efficiency of the courier service company. In addition, some areas require longer delivery time due to inconsistent demand and sometimes the lack of road infrastructure. We try to ensure to be prompt delivery and customers moral support will be appreciated.
8. In what situation can my goods be delayed?
Here are some reasons that may cause delay:

– The efficiency of the courier service
– Your courier service outlet in your area is inconsistent.
– Delivery day falls on a Saturday / Sunday / Public Holidays.
– The courier service outlet in your zone is closed due to public holidays.
– Production internal rejects.
– Pending jobs and late resubmission.
– Your artwork problem.
– Your orders Insufficient Fund.

Some unforeseen circumstances like :
– Machine Break down
– Traffic Accidents
– Weather
– Emergencies

Billing & Payment

1. How do I pay for my order?
All payment must made payable to:
Account No.: (14 digit)  RHB Bank Bhd – 2040 1800 036907
2. Your company accept what type payment method ?
Basically we have 3 methods for your convenience :
a)  Cash
b)  Cheque   (Have to wait bank verification)
c)  Interbank Fund Transfer (IBG)

Note: It would be best if you could provide us with a clear snapshot of the transaction receipt when making your payment notification. Upon successful receipt of your payment notification, we will proceed to process your order and you will be notified of your order status via web/email.

3. Why must I Pay in advance?
The advantages of prepaid payment are making your progress easier and smoother yet at the same time customers even can enjoy more benefits. Customers only need to pay the final price of the transaction order.
4. Can I request for credit terms ?
No. All the payment must fully paid upon confirmation order. Please note that we will only start the production upon receipt of your full payment.
5. Do you accept payment by credit card ?
We are sorry, we do not accept Credit Card for the time being.
6. What shall I do if my bill found to be in error?
Please call up or email to us to clarify & to request correction.

Agent Member System

1. Who can become an agent member?
Welcome all graphic designer, freelancer whose have skill in graphic design are able to apply. Please fill up our online Registration Form.

Note : Your membership application is subject to our approval. We reserve the right to reject your membership application for any reason, including if we suspect that any information provided to us is false.

2. How do i login to my e-printing accounts?
You have to login to our e-printing solution using the username/email and password given by us. You are encouraged to change your password after login.
3. Why want to become an agent member?
Agent members can be able to enjoy more privileges and benefits, except promotion items.
4. How do i terminate my account & the balance in my account is that refundable upon termination of my account?
If you wish to cancel your account, please send in your application by email. All balance in your online account is refundable.
5. Is the membership for life?
No, membership will be auto terminated if the agent member account is inactive for 1 years and at the same time the balance in their account will be forfeited ( if any).
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